Index to the Dyfed FHS Journals

The Journal of the Dyfed FHS has been published three times a year since August 1982. All past journals are in this archive and a full index appears below.

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Codes used in this index have the following meanings:
BB = Birth Brief (reference to a birth)
FT = Family Tree (reference to a family tree)
HW = Help Wanted (request for information)

Members can access individual journals directly from the index.

A City Break - 1873 style'article by Christopher Richards8.9, 356-359
A Tregaron family article by Alan H Hart8.9, 365-367
A Well made Sauce.......List of primary sources by David Charles10.5, 18-
Aber-arthcarreg goffa1.4, 115
Aberystwyth BoroughCouncil Minutes (1875-1913)3.9, 360
ADAMS familyPater1.4, 123
After-life: the records of deatharticle by Nicki Bosworth9.3, 29-
ALBANsurname1.9, 261-
All Wales Probate Indexresearch service by Thelma East8.4, 161
All Wales Probate Indexresearch service by Thelma East7.7, 326
ALLEN familyCresselly & Hakin 17C3.9, 360
ALLEN, AnnePembroke Dock, (1838-1931)4.6, 228
Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886review by Jonathan Pike7.7, 304-
American Civil War Diaries of David D Daviestranscribed by Islwyn Walters7.7, 322-,382
American Civil War diaries of David D Daviespostscript by T Islwyn Walters8.4, 138
American Civil War diaries of David D Daviestranscription part 38.1, 40-42
American Civil War diaries of David D Daviestranscription part 3 conclusion8.3, 120-126
Amman Valley to California, From thearticle by Rina Callingham9.7, 26-
Amman Valley to Kansas, From thearticle by Rina Callingham9.5, 30-
Ancestral Homesarticle by John Hughes9.9, 32-
Angel's Silver Spoons - Thearticle by Bill Griffiths10.1, 28-
ANGEL, William (servant)Lawrenny, PEM m1799 FT10.1, 29
Anglican church, records of1.9, 251-
Anthony Sagaarticle by Lorna Nickell9.2, 11-
ARMSTRONG, John WardCarmarthen 18633.9, 332
Ashburnham EstatePlan - Carms RO (CDX/406)3.9, 360
Association of FHS in WalesFounding & purpose1.5, 135
BAGOT, EdwardLlanelly 18543.9, 331
BARLOW familyLawrenny, PEM 18C-20C HW10.4, 53-
BARLOW, JohnLawrenny, PEM 18C FT10.1, 30-
BARRETT, Marthabc1822, Llangain, CMN BB S8.9, 358-359
BARTLETTSarticle by Grant Dawson10.2, 14-
BastardsNo place names1.3, 90,92
BEAVEN, Ann(1772-1840) BB1.9, 259
BEDDOE, Francisshipbuilder of Saundersfoot, PEM d1873 BB9.5, 7
BEDDOW, Elizabeth(1705-1747) BB1.8, 231
BERABE, Charlesm Martha Roach, 1818 Slebech, PEM HW8.2, 66
Bethesda Baptist ChurchHaverfordwest3.9, 360
BEVAN familyLlangyfelach & Morriston3.9, 346
BEYNON, MagdalenTregaron, CGN 1872-1914 BB9.7, 38-
Bidding lettersCMN1.3, 77-
Birth Briefshow to submit1.1, 17,119
Blaengarw Ex-Dyfed 1891article by C T Davies7.8, 348-
Bletherston ParishCouncil Minutes (1894-1963)3.9, 360
BODYCOMB familyCarms RO (CDX/405)3.9, 360
BONNELL, WilliamPembrey, CMN m1808 FT10.5, 28-
BOWEN familyLlwyngwair1.4, 123
BOWEN, HannahPenybankbach, Llanarthne, CMN b1848 HW9.4, 17
BOWEN, JamesLlanfyrnach 18843.9, 344
BOWEN, JohnCyffig, Whitland, CMN b1793 HW9.6, 41-
BOWEN, John DavidLlanarthney, CMN b1837 BB10.4, 20-
Bristol, 1901 censusextract of Dyfed born persons, S8.2, 61-62
British Embassy, ParisWelsh marriages, (1828-1866)4.6, 249
Broken and Banishedarticle by Christine McGeoch9.8, 34-
Bull Inn, Haverfordwestcensus 1901 and photograph HW9.4, 18-
BUNKER, Uriah (master mariner)Steynton, PEM 1777-1841 BB10.3, 26-
Burial register extractsSt.Issels, PEM 1862-192210.5, 16-
BUTLER, Sir HughHigh Sheriff of Pembrokeshire 1599, BB8.3, 92
CADMAN, JamesMaesteg, GLA3.9, 331
CADMAN, JosephSaundersfoot 18573.9, 331
Caio's Village and Environs - 1930's'article by Henry Ferguson-Thomas8.6, 225-230
Caldey lighthouse keeperarticle by John Hughes9.3, 6-
Calendars, Grants of ProbateProbate registries1.6, 169-
CANTONsurname1.9, 262-
CardiganSchool log books2.1, 7
Cardigan Burial BoardMinutes & ledger (1876-1968)3.9, 360
Cardiganshirearticle by Judith Russill10.4, 10-
Cardiganshire, censusreturns1.8, 234-
Cardiganshire, record officerecords1.4, 108
CarmarthenCraftsmen & women 18 & 19C3.9, 328-
Carmarthen MayorsCMN, (1550-1734)4.6, 231-
Carpe Diemarticle by Anne Phillips9.7, 14-
Castle Rock, Llangrannogarticle by John Davies9.7, 8-
Catherine\'s willarticle by Stella Pederson9.3, 15-
Cawdor EstateLlangathen3.9, 338-
Census - The Incompletearticle by Ted Hackett10.1, 33-
Census recordsDescription1.4, 105-
Census returnsat National Library of Wales1.5, 151
CHARLES, Lettice(1816-1894) BB1.2, 53
CHARLESWORTH, familygrocers and cheesemongers of London, BB8.2, 70-71
CharlottePrincess of Wales1.4, 107,110
CHILD, Martha(1820-1881)3.9, 360
Church Street, Revisitedarticle by Byron Davies10.4, 34-
Chwedleuwr Raconteur / The Storyteller'article by Griff Walters8.5, 194-195
Ciffig? - Whyarticle by Robert Jones10.1, 12-
CLARKE, Albert EdwinJohnston, PEM b1873 HW9.6, 40
CLEMENT, Sir WilliamCGN 16591.7, 199
COLE familyPembroke3.9, 333
Computersand membership records1.9, 249-
Computersin Genealogy1.2, 49
Computersand family history1.6, 177-
County Houses of Dyfed - owners and collectionssynopsis of talk by Thomas Lloyd at AGM9.2, 6
Court ChallengeLLOYD & HERBERT 16591.7, 199-
CROCKFORD, FrederickManorbier (1862) S3.9, 346
Cultural X-Change' (virtual museum)joint venture between Pembrokeshire and Carlow8.8, 313
DANIELS, Margaret(1835-1871) BB1.2, 53
DAVID, Edith GraceLaugharne, CMN b1867 BB6.4, 148
Davies and Reesarticle by Byron Davies10.3, 10-
DAVIES familyLlanelly, CMN 19C FT BB9.4, 28-
DAVIES familyCardigan, CGN 1882-1935 HW9.3, 21
DAVIES familyCastle Rock, Llangranog, CGN 1851-1884 BB9.7, 8-
DAVIES familyYerbeston & Pembroke Dock3.9, 333
DAVIES, AnneLlanfyrnach 1883/53.9, 345
DAVIES, Anne(1841-1922) BB1.5, 149
DAVIES, DavidLlanfihanghele, CMN b1858 S3.9, 346
DAVIES, DavidAberporth & Cardigan 18923.9, 364
DAVIES, Davidarticle by Kay Farndon9.2, 37-
DAVIES, David(1798-1873) BB1.5, 148
DAVIES, David (M.D.)Pencarreg, CMN bc1760 HW9.6, 40
DAVIES, David John (soldier)Blaenporth, CGN 1895-1918 BB10.3, 21-,24-
DAVIES, Emmanuel(1828-1880) BB1.2, 53
DAVIES, JamesLaugharne3.9, 336
DAVIES, JohnNewhouse Farm, St. Clears, CMN 1891 HW7.7, 286
DAVIES, John (miller)Morlais Mill, Trimsaran, CMN 1841 HW9.5, 17
DAVIES, Joseph(1862-1931) BB1.2, 53
DAVIES, Lewis(1826-) BB1.5, 152
DAVIES, Margaret(1834-1905) BB1.4, 117
DAVIES, Mary Jane(1893-1965) BB1.2, 53
DAVIES, Rev. DanielTroedyraur, CGN d1802 HW10.2, 45-
DAVIES, Richardsilk hatter of Carmarthen, CMN HW8.7, 281
DAVIES, ThomasPembroke & Merthyr Tydfil c18023.9, 334
DAVIES, ThomasMilestone 18823.9, 343-
DAVIES, WilliamLlanelly 18623.9, 332
DAVIES, William (carpenter)Llandisilio, PEM m1852 FT10.4, 27-
DAVIS, JamesBronscawen?, Llanboidy 18853.9, 344-
DAVIS, John Eemigrant to Palmyra, 18294.6, 248
DEAVONALD, Margaret article by Bettye Kirkwood FT8.5, 197-202
Did you know....?'article by Ivor Griffiths8.4, 150
Digging up your Relativesarticle by Simon Carter9.7, 21-
DIXON, Ann(1777-1862) BB1.9, 258
DNA and Welsh Family Historyarticle by Brian P. Swann10.2, 9-
Doctor Rice Williams of Aberystwytharticle by Richard Oliver10.1, 24-
DODD, MariaCarmarthen to Monmouth3.9, 329
Dr John Rees, RN 1808-1878'article by Glynden Trollope8.8, 318-323
Duchess of CornwallFamily tree by Janice Jackson9.2, 23-
DUNN, Richard (copperworker)Pembrey, CMN m1848 BB9.1, 25-
DUNN, William (coalminer)Burry Port, CMN 1871 BB9.1, 24
Dunns of Dyfatty, Thearticle by John Hughes9.1, 21-
Dyfatty postscriptarticle by John Hughes9.3, 28-
Dyfedname1.1, 8
Dyfed - The Civil Cemeteries ofarticle by County archivists10.1, 16-
Dyfed and the sea, The people ofarticle by Jean Istance6.4, 134-
Dyfed Church & Chapel photographs'list of those needed for Society Website8.3, 107-110
Dyfed FHS 20th Anniversaryrecollections by David E Treharne Lewis8.1, 3-4
Dyfed FHS 20th Anniversary Open Daydescription by Francesca Llewellyn8.1, 5
Dyfed FHS revised constitutionto be ratified at the 2005 AGM8.7, c'fold
Dyfed FHS Website Newsupdate by John Hughes7.8, 353-
Dyfed FHS's Outreach Activitiesarticle by Rosalie Lilwall9.8, 18-
Dyfed manuscriptsat the British Library1.5, 144-
Dynevor Castle Estaterental rolls1.2, 57-
EAST, Thelmaan appreciation by Elin Williams9.3, 6
EDWARDES familyJohnston Hall, PEM 18C HW9.4, 15
EDWARDES, Davidgenealogist1.9, 265
Edwardian Days of a Diaristextracts from a Gwilym B. Owen article9.9, 15-
EDWARDS, DavidMethodist preacher, CMN 1775-1825 FT6.4, 153
EDWARDS, Gruffydd(1841-1902) BB1.5, 149
EDWARDS, Johnag.lab. b1804, Wiston, PEM HW8.5, 208
EDWARDS, WilliamCynull, Myddfai, CMN c1901 HW9.1, 16
EINON/EYNONsurname1.9, 263
ELLIOT, Anne(1727-1773) BB1.8, 230
EMERSON, Walter Edward ArthurTrinity House man, m1880 Burton, PEM BB9.5, 12-
ENOS, JamesPenbryn, CGN bc1786 HW10.4, 55
Evan the Milkarticle by John Hughes7.8, 340-
EVAND, David(1839-1866) BB1.2, 53
EVANS familyBerthrees, Llanychaiarn, CGN 1744-18879.9, 33-
EVANS familyPwll, Llanelly, CMN d1891 HW9.2, 10
EVANS familyLlandysul, CGN 19C HW9.2, 26
EVANS familyBlaenbedr Mill, Llandissilio, PEM 1841-1881 HW9.9, 51
EVANS, Alcwyn C.genealogist1.9, 265-
EVANS, Amelia Anneb1864, Coachland Gate, Carew, PEM HW8.9, 370-371
EVANS, BScythlyn, 18853.9, 344
EVANS, Daniel (mariner)Cwrt Bach, Newport, PEM 1852 HW7.8, 346
EVANS, David(1823-1907) BB1.3, 85
EVANS, DavidHen Barcau, Clydey, PEM bc 1853 HW9.9, 51
EVANS, ElizabethTregaron, CGN 1891-1924 BB9.7, 40-
EVANS, EvanMynchty Graig, Llanddeiniol, CGN b1848 FT7.8, 341-
EVANS, JamesCardigan & Dowlais, 18653.9, 347
EVANS, James (carpenter)Aberystwyth, CGN c1927 HW6.4, 162
EVANS, JaneCrimean War Nurse (1797-1878), CMN HW8.4, 162
EVANS, John (cooper)Northgate Street, Aberystwyth, CGN 1859 HW9.5, 18
EVANS, John (headmaster)Manordeifi School, Boncath, 18843.9, 341-
EVANS, MaryTynewydd 18843.9, 341,345
EVANS, Mary(1798-1849) BB1.2, 52
EVANS, Rachel(1863-1930) BB1.2, 53
EVANS, Rev. LewisGenaur Glyn (1767-1834), CGN BB8.3, 111-115
EVANS, Richard(1787-1839) BB1.4, 116
EVANS, Robertgrocer of Lledrod, CGN BB8.2, 71-73
EVANS, ThomasLakefield Road, Llanelly, CMN 1901 HW7.8, 345-
EVANS, Timothystonemason d1891 Llanelly, CMN HW8.6, 246
EVANS, TimothyPwll, Llanelly, CMN d1891 HW9.2, 28
EYNON familyCilymaenllwyd, CMN 19C HW10.1, 54-
Family History Societiesin Wales1.9, 267
Farmers & Figureheadsbook review4.6, 251
Federation of Family History SocietiesHistory, Aims and current news9.5, 5-
FENTON, FerrarFishguard, PEM3.9, 330,332
FERRIOR, Lt. Col. SamuelSoldier (1772-1815), Pennar, PEM BB8.1, 22
Finding Phoebearticle by Thelma East9.6, 19-
Found Drown'-Pembroke Dockarticle by Bill Griffiths4.6, 226-
FRAMPTON, Christopher Nelsonb18061.1, 13-
FRANCIS, J & WMilford Haven (1859-1909)3.9, 360
FRANCIS, Johnb1812, Carmarthen St Peters, CMN HW8.3, 116
FRASER, Ruth(1842-1895)1.3, 91-
From a Fishstall to the Blood Royal'article by Alan Jones8.6, 244
FURLONG, William Georgeb1856 Manorbier, PEM BB8.6, 239
GADDARN, JNeyland, vessels built (1859-1909)3.9, 360
Game Certificates Issued - 5 November 1814'extracted from 'The Cambrian' by Nikki Bosworth8.8, 327
GARDENER, ThomasLlwynduris, Llandygwydd 18823.9, 343,345
Genealogistsof Carmarthenshire1.9, 264-
Genealogists, Society of1.2, 44,49
General Charles E Furlong'article by Eric Fletcher8.6, 238-243
General ENOCH? Who wasarticle by Byron Davies9.7, 46-
Genetics1.5, 145-,153
Genwen CollieryBynea, CMN 1767-190710.5, 22-
GEORGE, Rev. Johnarticle by Alan Hart9.3, 35-
GIBBON, Benjamin(1758-1838) BB1.8, 231
GIBBON, John(1704-1748) BB1.8, 231
GIBBY, SarahLlanfyrnach 18843.9, 344-
GILLETT, DavidGoodwick, Fishguard, PEM 1876-1917 HW9.2, 26
GITTENS, ThomasLoveston 1815/63.9, 334
Glanmor FoundryLlanelly, CMN 1873-7.7, 283-
GlynarthenNonconformist registers3.9, 347
Glynea CollieryPwll y Bont, CMN 1861-192610.5, 24-
GOLDSACK, Henry(1755-1828) BB1.9, 258
GRAHAM, PeterPembroke Dock, PEM m1882 HW10.2, 49
Grandfather Clock, article by Edmor Phillips9.6, 24-
GRANT, MosesNolton, PEM born 17404.6, 222
GREEN, Francisgenealogist1.9, 265-
GREEN, Francis -collectionat Haverfordwest library2.1, 20
GREENOUGH, Elizabeth Emma Halldtr of John HALL1.3, 75
GRIFFITH, Charles MarshallQC, Llwynduris, Llandygwydd 1881/23.9, 341-
GRIFFITH, DavidPenboyr 17993.9, 334-
GRIFFITH, MaryMartletwy (1839-1930)3.9, 335-
GRIFFITH, ThomasMeidrim to Llanstephan (1808-1879)3.9, 334-
GRIFFITHS familyGwynfe, CMN 18C BB9.2, 16-
Griffiths family of Llandeilofawrarticle by Janet Neilson9.3, 23-
GRIFFITHS WILLIAMS familyLlandefeisiant, CMN MI's9.6, 54
GRIFFITHS, Capt.WilliamMilford Haven, died 19444.6, 223
GRIFFITHS, Davidm1800 Dinah Rees, Llys-y-Fran, PEM HW8.3, 116
GRIFFITHS, David(1767-1845) BB1.3, 84
GRIFFITHS, David (coachman)Dinefwr Estate, CMN 19C HW9.2, 26-
GRIFFITHS, GriffithCalifornia, USA e1882 BB9.2, 15-
GRIFFITHS, Gryffyddson of Rees GRIFFITHS1.8, 239-
GRIFFITHS, Ivorobituary by Chris Davies9.3, 11
GRIFFITHS, JohnBentlass, Hundleton, from 18154.6, 226-
GRIFFITHS, John T.(1891-1949) BB1.3, 84
GRIFFITHS, ReesLlannon, b18091.8, 239-
GRIFFITHS, Rev. William Johnobituary of a past Society Chairman10.3, 61
GRIFFITHS, ThomasPantyfer, Llangathen, CMN b1852 BB9.3, 23-
GRIFFITHS, Thomas UngoedLlanelly, CMN m1855 BB9.1, 29-
GRIFFITHS, William Henry(1856-1922) BB1.3, 84
GWYN, RiceCourt Challenge 16591.7, 199
HALL, Thomas(1733-1818) BB1.9, 259
Happy 25th Birthdayarticle by Barbara Chester9.6, 10-
HARE familyof Saundersfoot1.5, 142-
HARRIES, Elizabeth Maria(1876-1945) BB1.2, 52
HARRIES, Henry Hugh - Welsh Mormon Pioneerarticle by Owen Jenkins9.8, 11-
HARRIES, Mary ElizaNewcastle Emlyn Workhouse, CMN b1859 HW7.8, 346
HARRIES, Mary JaneSt. Florence, PEM b1880 HW10.2, 51
HARRIES, Thomas(1792-1876) BB1.2, 52
HARRIES, Thomas (servant)Haverfordwest, PEM 19thC HW7.7, 286-
Harriet Symmons (Mrs. Devonald)article by Bettye Kirkwood7.7, 290-
HARRY familyLlanelly, CMN 1852-1874 HW9.9, 50
HARRY, DavidTumble, Llanelly, CMN bc1897 HW10.1, 55
HARRY, Judith(1753-1830) BB1.9, 258
HARRY, Theodosiab1840 Merry Moor, Halfpenny Furze, Laugharne, CMN8.7, 281
Have you got Mormons in your Family Tree?'article by Vera Lowe8.1, 28-36
Haverfordwest - St. Martin's Elementary Schoolpicture of students taken 1928/910.2, 35
Haverfordwest historytalk on 900th anniversary by Simon Hancock10.5, 46-
Haverfordwest Railway, Opening ofreprinted from London Illustrated News, 18549.9, 37-
Haverfordwest, history of St. Mary's Parish Churchbook review by Vera Lowe8.2, 57-58
Headstone on my Grave, Don't put noarticle on MI surveys by Gareth Jones6.4, 170-
Hendre House Album - Thephotographic record of occupants10.3, 40-
Henry Griffin? - What Became ofarticle by Denley Owen10.4, 26-
HERBERT, MorganCourt Challenge 16591.7, 199
HERBERT, William(1829-1896) BB1.2, 53
HERBERT, William Trelech18843.9, 343-
Home Front - Thearticle by John Hughes10.3, 15-
HOOD familyPembrokeshire RO (HDX/1001/Add1)3.9, 360
HOOD, Robert(c1700-1740) BB1.8, 230
HOOPER familyUpper Wallis, Ambleston, PEM e1852 BB9.4, 35
HOPKIN, DavidBettws, CMN bc1812 HW9.3, 22
HOWELL, Williamw1780 Llanpumpsaint, CMN HW8.1, 12-13
HOWELL, William(1804-1854) BB1.3, 84
HOWELLS, James (sawyer)Steynton, PEM c1841 HW6.4, 161
HUGHES, EdwardCoinant 18853.9, 344
HUGHES, Rev. JohnRector of Tenby, PEM 19C HW9.8, 31
HUGHES, William (Shepherd)Diaries1.7, 194
I was there .....article by David Elfed Treharne Lewis9.6, 5-
If you are easily Offended....'article by Ray Rice8.6, 221-223
IGI, MormonInternational Genealogical Index1.2, 44,63
In Sickness and in Health'article by John E Davies, CMN Archivist8.9, 353-355
INGRAM familyCoats of Arms4.6, 236
INSTIZE, JohnHaverfordwest, PEM1.4, 111
Internet Work for You - Make thearticle by Greg Lewis10.5, 8-
Iolo Morganwgalias Edward WILLIAMS1.7, 191
Irish recordsDublin address1.9, 267
ISAAC, David(1819-1894) BB1.4, 116
ISAAC, Rees (stonemason)Trefechan, CMN 1796-1868 FT10.5, 36-
Iscennin, Longbowmen ofat Agincourt1.5, 154
ISTANCE/INSTANCE, JohnCarmarthen 17341.4, 111
It is only an Old Envelopearticle by John R Murtaugh4.6, 244
Jacki'r Gweydd' (John Thomas, weaver)article by Jose Parry Rawlins8.9, 348-352
JAMES familyAberystwyth, CGN c1891 HW6.4, 162
JAMES familySt. David's to Cardigan1.3, 91-
JAMES familyTrehaidd, Nevern (1815-1955)3.9, 360
JAMES family"Swan", Llandysul, CGN 1871-1901 BB9.7, 34
JAMES, Charlotte(1814-1888) BB1.5, 148
JAMES, Johnb1841 Llanpumpsaint, CMN HW8.7, 281
JAMES, Margaret(c1838-1879) BB1.1, 19
JAMES, MaryLlanwnda, PEM c1855 HW9.4, 20
JAMES, Thomas(1808-1882) BB1.1, 19
Jeffreyston familiesconnections sought, PEM HW8.4, 162-163
JENKINS familyLlansawel2.1, 14
JENKINS, DanielCarmarthen Militia 1807 HW8.2, 66
JENKINS, DavidAbermeurig, CGN 20C HW9.2, 25
JENKINS, EvanLlandyssul 18813.9, 342-
JENKINS, Thomas (farmer)Tyngad, CMN 1807-1811 HW10.4, 54
JENKINS, Williamm1835 Ann Thomas, Llanelly, CMN HW8.6, 247
JENKINS, Williamfisherman in 1891 in Llanelly, CMN HW8.8, 328
JENKINS, Williamcarpenter m1835 Ann Thomas, Llanelly, CMN HW8.3, 117
JENKINS, William (carpenter)Llanelly, CMN 1835-9 HW7.7, 287
JOHN, Anne(1811-1894) BB1.2, 52
John, Corgwyn, Coco & Empty Mollsynopsis by Gareth Jones7.7, 306-
JOHN, Henryb1784 Begelly, PEM HW8.6, 245
JOHN, Margaret(1814-1886) BB1.3, 84
JOHN, RachelLlanfyrnach 18843.9, 343-
JOHN, Thomas (ag.lab.)Robeston Wathen, PEM m1853 HW10.1, 56
JOHN, Thomas Bowen (draper)Haverfordwest, PEM b1839 HW10.4, 54-
JONES familyBrynmanod Farm, Blaenycoed, Cynwyl Elfed, CMN BB9.5, 16
JONES familyDuffryn Dawel Woollen Mill, Llangain, CMN 19C HW9.7, 31
JONES, AnnLlanelli, married 18774.6, 245-
JONES, Benjamindiaries of1.4, 109-
JONES, Benjamin(1861-1943) BB1.2, 53
JONES, DavidLlanon, CGN b1827 HW6.4, 161
JONES, David (tailor)Conwil, CMN bc1856 HW10.5, 42
JONES, David (tailor)Cilcennin, CGN marriages 1841-1868 BB9.7, 25
JONES, ElizabethLittle Newcastle, PEM b1865 HW9.6, 43
JONES, Ellen(1827-) BB1.4, 117
JONES, EvanLlanybydder, b1804 HW6.4, 163
JONES, familyCarew Mill, PEM8.1, 19-20
JONES, familyc1911 Ty Issa, Llangain, CMN HW8.7, 280
JONES, George(1812-1887) BB1.2, 53
JONES, Henryb1808 Llanarthney, CMN HW8.6, 245
JONES, John(1750-1800) of Gwyddgrug, New Inn, Gwernogle, CMN8.8, 329
JONES, John(1811-1871) BB1.3, 84
JONES, John (grocer's assistant)Pier Street, Aberystwyth, CGN 1871 HW9.5, 19
JONES, John Thomasm1904 Margaret Morgan, Llanelly, CMN HW8.6, 247
JONES, Maj. Francisgenealogist1.9, 266
JONES, MaryLower Caron, CGN bc1872 HW9.3, 12
JONES, Mary Jane(1882-1936) BB1.4, 117
JONES, Morgan(1788?-1848) BB1.3, 85
JONES, Rev. Daniel Brynmor(1883-1965) BB1.2, 53
JONES, Rev. Davidd1801, Llandewi Aberarth, CGN BB8.2, 82-83
JONES, ThomasPennybridge, Monkton, PEM c1782-1862 HW7.7, 287
JONES, William Griffith(1857-1896) BB1.4, 117
JONES, WythenGwnnws, CGN b1695HW6.4, 159
JONES, Zephaniahb1852, Lledrod, CGN HW8.3, 117
JOYCE, Francis Howardvicar of Harrow, MDX 1881 BB9.1, 9-
Killed at Waterloo 18 June 1815'article by Rosemary May8.1, 22-25
KIRKE, RobertLlanelly Dock3.9, 331
KIRKHOUSE familyLlanon, CMN 18thC HW7.8, 346
KNOTT, Henry(1748-1828) BB1.9, 258
Land Tax Assessments'article by Nikki Bosworth, PEM Archivist8.6, 231-233
LANGDON, MargaretLlanelly, CMN bc1846 HW9.1, 17
Last of the Bonvillesarticle by William Selwyn Williams10.5, 28-
LAW, ThomasKidwelly, CMN m1841 HW9.2, 25
Lawyers Talk of Titles and Descentsarticle by Jose Rawlins6.4, 149-
Legend Becomes Reality - Aarticle by Byron Davies10.1, 20-
LEIGH familyCarmarthen, (1540-1746), FT4.6, 231-
LEIGHS & Carmarthen...article by Derek Williams4.6, 230-
Letter from Americaarticle by Peter Meurig Jones9.2, 14-
LEWES, Capt. JohnLlanllyr3.9, 345
LEWES, Williamgenealogist1.9, 265
LEWIS familyCaldey Island, PEM 1811-1851 BB9.3, 6-
LEWIS familyTalbenny, Thornton, PEM 1810-1873 HW9.8, 30-
LEWIS family (blacksmiths)Aberystwyth, CGN 20C HW10.2, 50
LEWIS, Benjamin (coracle fisherman)Carmarthen, CMN 19C HW10.1, 56
LEWIS, DanielLlanissilio, CMN 1853 S3.9, 346
LEWIS, EdwardCwmnantbrith, Llywel, BRE 1775-183? BB9.5, 11
LEWIS, HenryCarmarthen, CMN b1848 HW9.5, 22
LEWIS, John (furnaceman)Burry Port, CMN 1871-1901 BB9.1, 24-
LEWIS, Mary(1767-1831) BB1.5, 148
LEWIS, Mary AnnieCarmarthen, CMN c1879 HW6.4, 164
LEWIS, RobertBethesda Chapel, Narberth, PEM m1857 BB9.4, 13
LEWIS, TimothyHaverfordwest, PEM b1810 HW9.1, 16
Life in West Wales, 18C-20Carticle by Tony Melleney10.5, 32
Lighthouse keepersPembrokeshire 1891 census6.4, 139-
Living with Dangerarticle by Byron Davies10.5, 22-
LIVINGSTON familyShady Grove, Boulston, PEM 19C HW9.2, 27-
Lizzie Soho .... further talesextracts from letters by Byron Davies9.3, 13-
Lizzie Soho and other talesextracts from letters by Byron Davies9.1, 27-
LlanarthneCMN1.1, 23-,57-,19
Llanarthne Baptist Boy to Biscuit Town Quakerarticle by Prof. David M Bowen10.4, 20-
Llanbadarn TrefeglwysProperty deeds 1814-3.9, 360
Llanboidy in 1840 and earliermarriage settlements9.2, 40-
Llanddowror to Salt Lake Cityarticle by Denley Owen10.5, 36-
Llandefeilog Sunday School outingpicture submitted by Keith Bowen10.4, 32-
Llandefeisant churchLlandeilo, CMN, by D Elvet Morris9.7, 44-
Llanelli Branch, The History of ..article by Chris Davies9.6, 37-
Llanelli Connection, Aarticle by Byron Davies7.7, 283-
Llanelli, Machynys history'article by Byron Davies8.1, 14-18
Llanelly & County GuardianNewspaper index 1863-19263.9, 340
Llanfair-ar-y-bryn, CMNParish description1.1, 10-
LlangadogArticle on Taylor\'s American Circus by Peter Meurig Jones (210),
Llannon, CMNbaptisms (1740-1799)1.3, 74,104
Llannon, CMNmarriages (1813-1837)1.3, 74,104,202
Llannon, CMNburials (1800-1893)1.4, 104
Llannon, graveyard surveyHermon Baptist Chapel, Llannon1.7, 202
Llanrhystud, CGNparish profile1.2, 47-
Llanybydder Boy's Service with the Royal Navyarticle by Jose Rawlins10.3, 30-
LLEWELLYN, Edward(1810-1879) BB1.2, 52
LLEWELLYN, Martha Janeb1878 Robeston Wathen, PEM HW8.5, 209
LLOYD familyLlanddewi Brefi, 1835-1850 HW6.4, 162
LLOYD, Alban'Cwmgloyne', PEM BB8.2, 49-50
LLOYD, Evansurgeon in Fishguard, PEM 18th century, HW8.3, 118
LLOYD, family'Trevigin', Monington, PEM BB8.2, 50-56
LLOYD, Humphrey(c1809-) BB1.1, 18
LLOYD, IsaacCardigan 16591.7, 199-
LLOYD, Johnmoulder of Haverfordwest, PEM 1853 BB9.7, 6
LLOYD, John (boilermaker)Pembroke Dock, PEM 1841 HW9.4, 20
LLOYD, Mary(1831-1910) BB1.4, 117
LLOYD, Sir MarmadukeLampeter, (1585-1651)4.6, 231
Llwyn y Mwn Emigration, Thearticle by Gary Suhm7.8, 333-
Llwynduris/Llwyndyrys3.9, 341-,345
LODWICK ELLIS, Elizabeth Elinord1937, Lampeter, CGN BB8.2, 74-75
Long Way Round, Aarticle by Norma Neil9.7, 5-
Longbowmenat Agincourt1.5, 154-
Lost in the name of Progress'article by Margaret Davies8.5, 191-193
LOYN, Henryobituary from Carmarthen Journal of April 18979.1, 5-
Mackens of Pembrokeshire - Thearticle by Glyn Macken10.2, 19-
MADOC, Princee1170, Mobile Bay, Alabama, USA S8.5, 184-185
Manchester & Milford Haven Railway in the 1890'stranscription of letter by Alan Hart9.4, 5-
Manordeifi Upper SchoolBoncath3.9, 341-
Mapsaids to family history1.7, 190-
Margaret Devonald'article by Bettye Kirkwood8.2, 48-57
Maritime recordsat Guildhall Library1.9, 267
MARSDEN familyYoulgrove, DBY, and Llangynnwr, CMN 19C BB9.4, 24-
MARSDEN, Morris James (officer)Cribyn, CGN 1895-1917 HW10.3, 56
MARTEL nameLetterston/St. Dogwells, PEM HW9.5, 21
MARTIN, ThomasWithybush3.9, 332
MartletwyPEM3.9, 333
MARYCHURCH, WilliamHaverfordwest, PEM3.9, 331
MASON, WilliamPembroke Dock, PEM3.9, 331
Master Mariners from St. David'sarticle by Reginald Davies7.8, 363-
MATCHES, John1.8, 227
MATHIAS, Williamm Eliza Summers 1854 Walton West, PEM HW8.2, 67
Meandering across the County Boundaries'extracts from the Allen family papers of Cresselly8.5, 196-197
Meat Poisining at Burry Port in 1893'article by R J Williams8.5, 202-204
Men of Maenclochog RailwayClynderwen to Rosebush, 18764.6, 222-
MICHAEL, John(1791-1863) BB1.3, 85
MILES, Benjamin WilliamFishguard, PEM b1850/6 HW9.7, 32-
MILES, JaneCilrhedyn 18843.9, 344
Milford Haven town museumvisit report by Rosalie Lilwall10.4, 45-
Millenium, Millenium, Milleniumarticle by Bill Griffiths9.9, 10-
MOOR, Jamesgardener m1836 Jane John, Tenby, PEM HW8.7, 279
MOORE familyPicton Castle Estate, PEM 1823- HW9.8, 29-
MOORE, James (gardener)Haverfordwest, PEM c1851 HW6.4, 160-
MORGAN familyBrynhynydd farm, Betws, CMN 1825- BB9.5, 30-
MORGAN, Arfona Gwenfron(1902-1970) BB1.1, 18
MORGAN, Benjaminseaman m1871 from Newport, MON to Llanelly, CMN S8.8, 328
MORGAN, CharlesCrom Aman, Llanelly, CMN3.9, 331
MORGAN, ElizabethMeidrim3.9, 336
MORGAN, George (butler)Haverfordwest, PEM 1839-1901 BB9.4, 21-
MORGAN, John(1809-1879) BB1.1, 19
MORGAN, John Daniel (dairyman)Bronant, CGN b1841 FT10.4, 10-
MORGAN, Levipotter b1839 e1862 USA S8.5, 208
MORGAN, Morganm1803 Magdalene Hopkins, Llanddeusant, CMN HW8.4, 163
MORGAN, Morgan MeurigBrynamman, CMN b1858 HW9.3, 20-
MORGAN, ReesLlanfairarybryn b1838 HW6.4, 159
MORGAN, Rev. Henry DavidLlanychaiarn, CGN b1845 BB9.6, 35
MORGAN, SamuelSt.Nicholas, PEM d1852 HW6.4, 163
MORGAN, Sarah AnnPant Brynhynydd, Betws, CMN b1866 BB9.7, 26-
MORGAN, Susanna(c1701-1750) BB1.8, 231
MORGAN, ThomasManordeifi, PEM c1847 HW9.4, 19-
MORGAN, Watkinb1795 Llandeilo, CMN HW8.6, 245
MORGANS familyFfoslas, Llanychaiarn, CGN 1797-18819.9, 35-
MORGANS familyBuilth, BRE 1830-1864 HW9.7, 35
MORGANS, James (sailor)Johnstone, PEM m1818 HW6.4, 161
MORGANS, JosephLlanboidy, PEM bc1823 HW10.5, 42
MORICE, MaryLlanddeiniol 18983.9, 360
MORRICE, Owend1762, Ystrad Teilo, Llanrhystud, CGN BB8.2, 81-82
MORRIS familyLlanfihangel-y-Creuddyn, 18714.6, 244
MORRIS familyPentrecoch1.4, 112-
MORRIS, Ann(1797-1873) BB1.3, 85
MORRIS, Henry (blacksmith)Jeffreston, PEM m1810 FT10.4, 14-
MORRIS, JamesLlanbadarn Fawr, married 18574.6, 244
MORRIS, John William Pugh (curate)Felinfoel, CMN b1930 HW6.4, 163
MORRIS/BROWN, Jamesb1843, Burton Gate, PEM HW S8.9, 369-370
MORTIMER, Davidd1792 Trewellwell, PEM HW8.2, 67-68
MORTIMER, EmilySolva 1850 S3.9, 346
MUSSAVIN, Margaret(1740-1820) BB1.9, 259
My family in Llanfihangelarticle by A T Morgan-Jones4.6, 241-
My Meeting with Cousin Jake'article by Rosalie Lilwall8.1, 19-20
MYERS, John Powell MatthewTenby, PEM3.9, 331
Mysterious Captain Bunker - Thearticle by John Bowen10.3, 26-
Narberth Schoolformer pupils2.1, 4
NASH familyLlangwm, PEM (1390-1535), FT4.6, 234-
National Burial IndexFederation of Family History Societies9.8, 8-
NEVILL, William HenryLlanelly, CMN3.9, 331-
New Quay UDCMinutes (1903-1914)3.9, 360
New Research CentreMembers' Research facility in Carmarthen9.9, 7
NEWARK familySwansea Road, Llanelly, CMN 1851 BB9.5, 25-
Newark's China Shoparticle by Byron Davies9.5, 25-
Newport 19th Centuryarticle by Ellie Thomas and Reginald Davies10.2, 24-
NICHOLAS familySt. David's, PEM 19C HW10.1, 55-
NICHOLAS, ThomasLittle Newcastle, PEM 1782-1854 HW6.4, 161,206
NICHOLAS, Thomasgenealogist1.9, 265
No Doubting these Thomas'sarticle by Mike Everley10.2, 30-
Non-parochial registersfrom PEM at PRO1.3, 79-
Number Eleven St. Peter's Street!article by Grant Dawson10.1, 14-
OAKLEY familyCoats of Arms4.6, 240
OAKLEY pedigreeWOR, (1330-1710), FT4.6, 236-
OAKLEY, GeorgeCarmarthen, (1605-1646)4.6, 232-
OLIVER, familyNantygarrig farm, Llangeler, CMN HW8.7, 279
OLIVER, Samuelb1801 Llangeler, CMN HW8.5, 208-209
On the trail of the lost Hair Bracelet'article by Owen Vaughan8.8, 316-317
One Welsh family & HAGSOC's Welsh SIG'article by Joy Holdich, Convenor, AUS8.9, 372-373
Origins of Polygamy'article by Vera Lowe8.7, 268-270
Ormond Family, Thearticle by Jennifer Davies6.4, 129-
Ormond, JohnDale, PEM 1797-1883 FT6.4, 133
OWEN, Evanm Martha Brown, 1840 Wiston PEM HW9.6, 42
OWEN, Johnmaster mariner (1839-1916), CGN BB8.4, 156-157
OWEN, Mary(1773-1838) BB1.9, 259
Parish Registersindexing and transcripts1.7, 195-,220-
Parish registersby County Archivist1.2, 7,42-,256
PARKES, AlexanderBurry Port, CMN3.9, 331
PARR, Dr Joshuaof Pentre Parr, Llandeilo Fawr, CMN in 1795, HW8.9, 371
PARRY, Benjaminb1832, St Dogmells, PEM HW8.2, 68
PARRY, Elizabeth(1832-1917) BB1.2, 53
PARSELL, DavidSaundersfoot3.9, 332
Patronymicaarticle by Gareth Jones9.5, 10-
PAWLETT, Mary Jane's familyarticle by John Paterson9.9, 26-
PAYNTER, David (attorney)Narberth, PEM 19C HW10.1, 52-
PECKHAM, Henrym Margaret Hicks, Llanelly, CMN 1863 HW9.7, 33-
PEM strays from 1901 censustranscribed for Gillingham by A W Matthias7.8, 379-
Pembroke Dockyard1.2, 60
Pembroke Yard Paybooksat the PRO, (1815-1843)4.6, 229
Pembrokeshire - Burial Boards inarticle by Nikki Bosworth10.5, 16-
Pembrokeshire Church and Chapel Records'article by Nikki Bosworth, CMN archivist8.3, 102-106
Pembrokeshire men in Monmouthshire Constabularylist of those joining from 1857 to 19518.8, 314-315
Pembrokeshire Registers NOT at Haverfordwestnotice by Barbara Eynon, Superintendent Registrar8.4, 159
Pembrokeshire Vaughansarticle by Julia Kate Abraham10.4, 13-
Pembrokeshire, Aspects of Ill-health inarticle by Nikki Bosworth9.1, 12-
PenherberUSA to Newcastle Emlyn1.3, 98-
PENSON, Richard KyrkeFerryside, CMN3.9, 332
Personal Privacy and Peering at Paupers'article by Helen Palmer, CGN archivist8.4, 144-145
PHELPS, Anna MariaCheltenham, GLS w1910 BB9.1, 37-
PHELPS, George (blacksmith)Yerbeston, PEM b1833 BB10.5, 33-
PHILIPPS familyPentypark1.5, 147
PHILIPPS, Jamesm1607 Eleanor Butler, Walton East, PEM BB8.3, 92-93
PHILLIPS Cpt. Hugh Leopold article by Paul Phillips8.7, 271-275
PHILLIPS familyHaverfordwest, PEM 18C HW9.8, 32
PHILLIPS, Alice SophiaHakin, PEM b1861 HW9.5, 20
PHILLIPS, BenjaminKidwelly, CMN b1816 HW10.3, 56-
PHILLIPS, Ebenezer (iron refiner)St. Clears, CMN bc1820 HW10.2, 50
PHILLIPS, Hugh LeopoldTrinity House Vessel Master b1866 Burton, PEM BB8.7, 271-275
PHILLIPS, Richard(1763-1831) BB1.5, 148
PHILLIPS, Sarahm1797 John Eynon, Lawrenny, PEM HW8.7, 281
PHILLIPS, Thomasforeman 1864, Pembroke Dock, PEM HW8.1, 13
PHILLIPS, ThomasMeidrim/St.Clears, CMN 18C HW9.7, 31
PHILLIPS, Thomas Scottb1843 Pembroke St. Mary, PEM BB8.1, 13-14
Picton Castle EstateEnclosure Act 17862.1, 9
Picton Castle Estate, Labourers employedList as at 16 Dec.18239.4, 30-
PICTON, Gen. John(1761-1815)1.6, 174
PICTON, James(c1630-c1710)1.1, 14-
PICTON, Sir William de1100 AD1.4, 122-
PICTON, Thomasof Poyston1.6, 172-
PLANT familyThomas Street, Llanelly, CMN 1861 BB9.5, 29
Plas-y-dderwen3.9, 344-
Pontyberem, Caersalemgraveyard survey1.7, 201
Pontyberem, graveyard surveyCaersalem1.7, 201-
POWELL familyLlanelly, CMN 1800-2000 FT7.7, 283-
POWELL, Hazel 1924-2005obituary by David Treharne Lewis9.2, 9
PRICE & ROLLEYLlandovery, CMN 18C HW10.2, 48
PRICE familyPigeonsford, Llangrannog, CGN w1752 BB9.5, 38
PRICE, Daniel (copperworker)Burry Port, CMN m1878 BB9.1, 21-
PRICE, EmmaQuay Hill, Tenby, PEM 1851 HW9.4, 16
PRICE, William (surgeon)Tanyrallt, Llandovery, CMN d1803 HW9.2, 28
PRITCHARD, Rev.RhysLlandovery, (c1579-1644)4.6, 232
Probate recordsafter 18581.6, 168-
Probate recordsbefore 18581.5, 138-
PROPERT, ElizabethCroftufty, Whitchurch, PEM 1851 HW9.7, 32
PROTHEROE, JohnLlanarthney1.1, 25
PROUT, MaryCoedcanlas 17933.9, 333-
PRYSE, JohnLlanllwchaiarn, CGN1.7, 199
PUGH, Susannah(1833-1895) BB1.2, 53
PULLEY, familyof Herefordshire and USA BB8.1, 32-33
PURSER, familyMonkton, PEM BB8.8, 316-317
Put it on paper for the Ceredigion Archives'request for wartime memories by Helen Palmer, Arch8.7, 276-278
Quakers in Pembrokeshireextracts from an article by Stephen Griffith9.9, 20-
Quakers, Early WelshJames PICTON1.1, 14-
Rags to Riches, Fromarticle by Cliff Davies9.1, 37-
REES, Davidb1827, Llanedi, CMN HW8.4, 162
REES, Dr Johninspector general b1808 Llangadog, CMN S8.8, 318-323
REES, EilliamLlanroi, CMN 1852 S3.9, 346
REES, ElizabethTregaron, CGN b1876 HW6.4, 160
REES, HectorCilymaenllwyd, CMN HS1745 BB9.1, 28-
REES, John SCapel Isaf, Llanelly, CMN b1867 BB10.1, 20-
REES, Joshua (sailor and landlord)"Cardigan Arms", Llanelly, CMN d1911 BB9.7, 46-
REES, Philip WilliamTregaron, CGN 1868-1921 BB9.7, 36-
REES, Phillipparish clerk, d1865, Tregaron, CGN BB8.9, 365-367
REES, Thomas (railway worker)Tregaron, CGN d1912 HW9.5, 34-
REES, Thomas Davidfarmer b1842, Laugharne, CMN BB8.9, 357
REES, William (lighthouse keeper)Dale, PEM bc1820 BB9.3, 9-
Related to a Millionairearticle by Jean O'Driscoll4.6, 245-
Reminiscences of a Volunteerarticle by Mary Binding9.6, 45-
Rev. Isaac Williams of Ystrad Teilo'article by Barbara Evans8.2, 81-86
Reverend Relatives, Myarticle by John Hughes9.6, 34-
Rhandir-isafLlanfair-ar-y-bryn, CMN1.1, 10-
Rhydwilymgravestone survey1.7, 202
RICHARD, JenkinGwnnws, CGN c1720 HW6.4, 159
RICHARD, WilliamYstrad Meurig, d1733 HW6.4, 159
RICHARDES, William EardleyPlas Penglais & Bryneithin3.9, 330-
RICHARDS familyLlandeilo, CMN1.3, 86
RICHARDS, Anne(c1804-1839) BB1.1, 19
RICHARDS, Johnb1821, Neath, GLA HW8.2, 68-69
RICHARDS, John (coachman)Nevern, PEM m1866 HW9.1, 16
RICHARDS, SamuelBettws Bledrws, CGN b1800 HW9.3, 21
RICHARDS, Timothyblacksmith of Ffald-y-brenin, Caio, CMN HW8.5, 207
ROACH, Johnm Harriet Mathias, Merthyr Tydfil, GLA 1845 HW9.7, 35
Robert's Parents? Who arearticle by G Thomas9.4, 13-
ROBERTS familyLlangwm1.6, 180
ROBERTS familyLawrenny, PEM m1875 HW10.2, 49
ROBERTS, Jane(1846-1868) BB1.1, 18
ROCH, GeorgeCiffig, CMN m1843 FT10.1, 12-
ROCH, John (tailor)St. Ishmaels, PEM 1796-1846 HW10.2, 50
ROLFE, Robert(1820-1906) BB1.4, 117
Roman Catholic recordsResearch information1.9, 255
Rossiter's of South Pembrokeshirearticle by Phil Rossiter9.2, 42-
ROUTH, CatherineBristol, GLS m1781 BB9.3, 15-
ROWE, John(c1695-c1735) BB1.8, 230
ROWLANDS, William(1808-1890) BB1.2, 52
Rules for Teachers 1872 & 1915'transcript by Beryl Morgan8.4, 141-142
Ruth Mynachlog's Recollections - conclusiontranscribed by Sue Passmore9.2, 33-
Ruth Mynachlog's Recollections - Part 4transcribed by Sue Passmore9.1, 33-
Ruth Mynachlog's Recollections'translated extracts by Sue Passmore8.7, 264-267
Ruth Mynachlog's Recollections' - part 2translated extracts by Sue Passmore8.8, 308-312
Ruth Mynachlog's Recollections' - part 3translated extracts by Sue Passmore8.9, 360-364
SAIS familySt.David's, PEM 19C HW10.3, 55
SAIS, PhoebePencarnan, PEM b1844 BB9.6, 21
SALMON, Joseph Prophet (engine driver)Carmarthen, CMN b1866 HW9.5, 34
Sampler Indexextract from article by Jill Wye9.1, 42-
SAMPSONS, Searching forarticle by Ann Phillips9.8, 24-
SAMSON, John (molecatcher)Manorowen, PEM 1841 census BB9.6, 50-
SAMUELS familyCMN (CDX/405)3.9, 360
Sarah Ungoed's Biblearticle by Jasper Ungoed-Thomas7.7, 310-
SAUNDERS, David(1680-1751) BB1.8, 231
SAUNDERS, Erasmusbailiff of Tenby 1572, PEM BB8.5, 198-202
School Log BooksCardigan2.1, 7
School Log BooksNarberth2.1, 4
School Website for Family Historiansdetails of www.thepenvro.com10.3, 39
SCOTT, Mary AnnHeol Fawr, Llanelly, CMN 1872-1890 HW7.7, 287-
SCURLOCK, JohnCarmarthen, (1660-1678)4.6, 232-
Seafarers, research at Record Officesrecords at Aberystwyth, Carmarthen & Pembroke6.4, 134-
Second Lieutenant S M Williams'article by Robert I Jones8.4, 151-154
Secret Sins, Carmarthenshire 1870-1920'talk by Dr Russell Davies to London Branch8.2, 77-79
SEVERNE familyCoats of Arms4.6, 236
SHAMBY, surnameCarmarthen1.8, 228
SHELDON familyCoats of Arms4.6, 236
Shipping News'published in 'The Cambrian' on 12th October 18228.4, 146
Ships at Saundersfoot at 1891 censusarticle by Ray Morris7.7, 294
Silverton Trail, Thearticle by H Powell9.6, 29-
Smallpox in the Aberystwyth Area'article by Barbara Evans8.3, 111-115
SMITH, Janem1868 Ben Lewis, Carmarthen, CMN BB8.6, 244
SouthamptonDyfed Strays 18813.9, 346
Spotlight on Penally'article by Margaret Davies8.3, 97-99
Spotlight on Porthyrhyd'article by Henry Ferguson-Thomas8.8, 324-325
SS Great Britain3.9, 334
St Florence VC School Log booksExtracts 1869-1885 by Angela McDonald8.9, 345-347
St. Bees, Theological CollegeDyfed students entered 1847-18696.4, 172-
St.David's, LampeterUniversity College records1.9, 255
Stepney Estatepapers3.9, 340
Stepney Seaman and two farmers' daughtersarticle by Gillian Keatley9.5, 12-
STONE familyLlanfihangel 1803 to Meidrim 18343.9, 335-
STONE, James (shipwright)Llanstadwell, PEM 18C HW10.1, 54
Story behind the pictures, Thearticle on post cards by Nikki Bosworth6.4, 168-
Stout beer and poor relationsarticle by Helen Palmer9.5, 38-
Surfing the Web for relativesarticle on Internet by John Hughes6.4, 145-
Surnames in Carmarthenshire'article by David J Cooke, CMN Archive Service8.5, 187-190
SWEENY, Thomas Henrym1881 Marloes, PEM HW8.1, 12
SYMMONS, HarrietHenllys, Nevern, PEM 1818-1892 BB7.7, 290-
SYMMONS, Levi (ag.lab.)Llanwnda, PEM m1836 HW7.7, 288
Taking a Step further up your Family Treearticle by Nikki Bosworth10.2, 22-
Tall Tale, Aarticle article by Hedley Williams on Tom Birch6.4, 143
TAYLOR, Johnm1838 Martha Lloyd, Haverfordwest, PEM HW8.5, 209
Tea and Tears'article by John Hughes8.2, 70-73
Templeton JournalOne-name study1.9, 263
The 1881 Census CD Set'article by Eric Davies8.8, 305-307
The Carmarthen Stop Line'talk at 2005 AGM by Roger Thomas8.8, 302-303
The Census'poem from PEM RO archives8.2, 65
The family of Elizabeth Elinor Lodwick'update article by Jenni Hyatt8.2, 74-76
The First 'Extra Master' of Cardiganshire'article by Sue Passmore8.4, 156-158
The Life of George Phelps, Entrepreneurarticle by Cliff Davies10.5, 33-
The lineage of Sir John Perrott'article by Janet Daniels8.3, 91-93
The logbook of Penuwch Board School, CGN'extracted by Jenni Hyatt8.6, 234-237
The Man, The Ship and the Lump of Woodarticle by Gaye Archer9.5, 7-
THOMAS familyPenherber1.3, 98-
THOMAS familyLlanfyrnach, Llandysul, Llwynduris3.9, 341-
THOMAS, Daniel (ships Captain)Felinfoel, Llanelly, CMN 19thC HW7.7, 288-
THOMAS, David(1809-1887) BB1.4, 116
THOMAS, David (preacher)Llanddewi Brefi, CGN 1777-1859 FT10.2, 33
THOMAS, David Parryseaman b1900 Fairfield Cottage, Llanybydder, CMN B8.9, 348- 352
THOMAS, Elizabeth(1815-1890) BB1.2, 52
THOMAS, Isaac(1795-1870) BB1.3, 84
THOMAS, James RochCrickmarren Farm, Monkton, PEM 1881 BB9.5, 13-
THOMAS, JohnLlechryd, CGN m1831 HW9.5, 20-
THOMAS, Johnweaver b1775, Penrhiw, Rhydowen, BB8.9, 349-351
THOMAS, Lemonof Ferryside, CMN after c1800, HW8.9, 371
THOMAS, Lizzie(1883-1954) BB1.4, 116
THOMAS, Mary(1803?-1859) BB1.3, 85
THOMAS, Phillip(1843-1927) BB1.4, 116
THOMAS, Richardmaster mariner (1835-1895), Aberystwyth, CGN8.1, 6
THOMAS, ThomasLampeter House, Lampeter Velfrey, PEM HW8.2, 69
THOMAS, ThomasGwernwyddog, Llywel, BRE 1788-1863 BB9.5, 10
THOMAS, Thomas (master mariner)Newport, PEM b1770 BB10.2, 24-
THOMAS, Trefor Wyn(1893-1977) BB1.1, 18
THOMAS, Williamag.lab. m1818 Anne Morris, Llanrhian, PEM HW8.6, 246
THOMAS, William (sailmaker)Milford Haven, PEM 19C HW10.2, 48
THOMAS, William G Stedmangenealogist1.9, 265
THOMAS, William Henryfoundryman (1874-1935), Aberystwyth, CGN BB8.1, 6-11
THORNE, William(1799-1875) BB1.2, 52
Timothy Evans - Family searcharticle by Elwyn Schreuder9.2, 10
TOMOSarticle by Ann Watts8.1, 6-12
Tracing Dyfed Seafarers and ShipsWest Wales Maritime Heritage Society10.1, 19
Tregaron National School, master and mistressarticle by Alan Hart9.7, 36-
Tribute to our retiring Chairman and Treasurer'address to 2005 AGM by David E Treharne8.8, 301
Trinity Lighthouses & Keepers'article by Barbara Chester8.3, 100-101
Troublesome Thomases - A tale of the unexpectedarticle by Anne Phillips9.6, 47-
TUCKER, Maurice/Morris (blacksmith)Llandefeilog, CMN 19C FT10.4, 32
TWINING, Thomasm1844 Margaret Jones, Amroth, PEM HW8.9, 369
Two Letters from Americatranslated by John Griffiths9.4, 35-
U.S.A., Welsh inbook1.8, 226
Unfortunately, it's someone else's familyarticle by Janice Jackson9.1, 9-
UNGOED, SarahLlanelly, CMN m1849 FT7.7, 312-
Unusual Name in Wales, Anarticle by Gill Thomas9.4, 24-
VANE, JohnJeffreston, PEM m1799 FT10.4, 13-
VAUGHAN familyHenry's Moat, PEM 18C HW9.4, 17
VAUGHAN, WalterLlanelly House, Llanelly, CMN 16278.1, 15
Vicar of Llangain 1869-1880, Aarticle by Griff Evans9.8, 21-
Victorian letters1881-18853.9, 341-
Wales of the peoplelist of events from 1535 to 18946.4, 174+
WALKINGTON, Mary ATenby 1852 S3.9, 346
WALTER familyLlanarthney, CMN1.1, 23-,56,57-
WANNACOTT, WilliamCarmarthen names1.8, 227-
WARLOW familyPEM1.2, 51
WARLOW, Reverend William (1765-1846)Camrose, PEM b1756 BB HW9.6, 9
WARLOW, Thomas (puddler)Rhymney, MON 19C HW9.5, 40
WATERS, Ernestgenealogist1.9, 266
WATKINS, Timothy (app.surgeon)Llangadock, CMN 1771- HW7.8, 347
Website Discussion ForumProcedure for registering9.9, 6
Welsh bankruptcies projecttranscribing entries from 'London Gazette'6.4, 158-
Welsh Cattle Droversreview of the book by Richard J. Colyer9.9, 40-
Welsh Chapels and Churches in Londontranscription project described by Anna Brueton10.3, 9
Welsh Courting Customs'synopsis of address to AGM by Catrin Stevens8.5, 180-183
Welsh Dictionary - Using aarticle by M. Auronwy James10.4, 41-
Welsh dictionary, use ofan aid1.2, 45-
Welsh emigrants in OhioAnnual Fair of 19144.6, 247-
Welsh Goldminers in Coloradoarticle by Huw Powell9.9, 12-
Welsh Monumental inscriptionsan aid1.1, 22
Welsh Settlement Recognisedarticle by Janice Mills9.2, 44-
Welshman? A truearticle by Hilary Allman9.6, 31-
WENDROS childrenManordeifi, Boncath 18843.9, 343-
WEST, Thomas George LowePembroke Dockyard1.2, 60-
What the Butler saw!article by Nicki Bosworth9.4, 21-
What's in a Name....?'article by Ray Rice8.4, 147-150
Whitland rememberedreminiscences by school evacuees7.7, 278-,371-
Who Were these Men?article by Helen Rees10.3, 20-
WILKIN, JohnEgremont, CMN m1774 HW9.8, 32
WILKINS, HenryGlamorgan 18511.4, 120-
Will flatteningarticle by Eluned McGrenery9.4, 32-
WILLIAMS familyLlignant Farm, Eglwyswrw, PEM e1833 BB9.2, 46
WILLIAMS familyPlasnewydd, Gwynfy, CMN 1841-1871 HW9.9, 50
WILLIAMS familyHubberton Farm, Angle, PEM 1851 BB9.5, 12-
WILLIAMS familyLlwynwormwood, Myddfai, CMN 17C- BB9.8, 40-
Williams family? - Have I got the rightarticle by Gillian Hill10.5, 43
WILLIAMS, Benjamin & JamesTalog, Abernant, CMN 1860 HW7.8, 347-
WILLIAMS, DavidLlanon, b1825 HW6.4, 160
WILLIAMS, David (master mariner)master of the "Margaret", 1856-7 BB9.7, 21-
WILLIAMS, ElizabethMeidrim 17803.9, 335-
WILLIAMS, EvanDarowen1.5, 152
WILLIAMS, Evan(1810-1852) BB1.4, 116
WILLIAMS, familyColdwell farm, Red Roses, Cyffig, CMN HW8.4, 163
WILLIAMS, GwenllianConwyl Cayo, CMN m1868 HW6.4, 160
WILLIAMS, Jamesbutler at Cresselly House, PEM HW8.8, 328
WILLIAMS, John(c1695-c1770) BB1.8, 231
WILLIAMS, John(1656-1742)1.1, 10
WILLIAMS, John'John y Cantwr'1.5, 156-
WILLIAMS, John (farmer)Gwnnws Uchaf, CGN, emigrated 1847 to USA7.8, 333-
WILLIAMS, John CharlesLlanelli emigrant to USA, 18984.6, 245-
WILLIAMS, Rev. IsaacLlanrhystud (1764-1811), CGN BB8.2, 81-86
WILLIAMS, Rev. Sir Erasmus Henry Griffiesarticle by David James9.8, 40-
WILLIAMS, Rice (doctor)Llandovery, CMN b1755 FT10.1, 24-
WILLIAMS, Robertemigrated to South Carolina, USA 1732 BB9.8, 34-
WILLIAMS, Samuel Mervynb1896, Saundersfoot, PEM BB8.4, 151-152
WILLIAMS, Thomas GwynneCardigan, CGN m1884 FT10.5, 44
WILLIAMS, Williamblacksmith of Llanegwad, CMN HW8.2, 69-70
WILLIAMS, WilliamLlanfyrnach 1883-18853.9, 345
WILLIAMS, Williamw1773, Tynywern, Llanrhystud, CGN BB8.2, 81-84
WILLIAMS, William(1717-1791)1.1, 10
WILLIAMS, William Henryemigrated to Melbourne, Australia, 1863 HW9.8, 29
WILLING, Samuel John (shipwright)Pembroke, PEM 19C FT10.3, 36-
Willings in Pembrokeshire - Thearticle by R I Jones10.3, 36-
WOGAN, Sir JohnWiston, PEM1.4, 123,199
Women, A Word from thearticle by Nikki Bosworth9.6, 22-
WYLES, John(1770-1842) BB1.9, 259
Yr Eurgrawn WesleyaiddWesleyan Magazine Index 1809-19839.4, 23
Ysgol Gyfun Dyffryn TafSchool registers 1894-19873.9, 360

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