Memorial Inscriptions Project

Memorial Inscriptions Project

Dyfed Family History Society recognised the importance of Transcribing Memorial Inscriptions since the Society’s inception in 1982

It must be noted that these are records made of the headstones that are seen in a graveyard and is not the complete record of the burials there.

In 2011 these were reviewed and put into a digital format. It was because of the closure of some Churches and Chapels, the grassing over of graveyards and the condition or disappearance of headstones that members also decided to take photographs of the headstones and graveyard to ensure they are recorded as well as the information collected.

Pre 2011 surveys do not include photographs.

Every effort had been made to record the full inscription as accurately as possible given the condition of some headstones. During some of the earlier surveys a decision was made to only record names and family connections.

Apologies are given for any mistakes and will be rectified if we are contacted. 

Inscriptions in the Welsh Language are transcribed as seen on the headstones, spelling of some of the words may differ.

No headstone has been damaged whilst recording, it may be seen in some photos damage to the stone which was found by members and this is recorded as such in the document.

This Website has been produced to provide you with information for personal Study and Research only.

Copyright remains with Dyfed Family History Society, so we ask that you do not make copies of any part of the data.

We have divided our MI’s into three sections, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and South Cardiganshire. Information on North Cardiganshire MI’s can be found on the Cardiganshire Family History Society website.

We still have many more MI’s to add to our site, they will be added when time permits, please check a Branch Spotlight for up to date details.

If you have any monumental inscriptions that you would like to donate, then please contact us.

Please use the email address below for all enquiries about monumental inscriptions.

More coming soon to members.

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