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Displaying information for Llanddeusant, Carmarthen

Churches and Chapels

Sts Simon & Jude(Church in Wales)

Address: Blaensawdde

OS Grid Ref: SN7769 2453


Bishops Transcripts 1677-1871, NLW
Baptisms 1816-1980, CMN RO
Marriages 1813-1924, CMN RO
Burials 1816-1881, CMN RO
Monumental Inscriptions

Twynllannan(Calvinistic Methodist) 1790-

OS Grid Ref: SN756245

Repositories:"¢ Baptisms 1816-1837, CMN RO "¢ Marriages "¢ Burials
Monumental Inscriptions

Talsarn(Calvinistic Methodist) 1860-

OS Grid Ref: SN77842607

Gibea(Calvinistic Methodist) 1870-

Address: Quarter Bach, Brynaman

No additional information is available


Llandeusant School

Governors/Managers Minutes 1961-1988 CMN RO


No information available


No information available

War Memorials

No information available

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