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All Saints (Church in Wales) 1674-

OS Grid Ref: SN614498

Bishops Transcripts 1674-1882, NLW Baptisms 1779-1992, NLW Marriages 1780-1969, NLW Burials 1780-1993, NLW Monumental Inscriptions ,

Caeronnen (Unitarian) 1654-

Address: Trebne

OS Grid Ref: SN606489

Baptisms , Marriages , Burials , Monumental Inscriptions

Davies Ann buried 1871
Davies Anne buried 1861,1867,1891,1909,1921,1941
Davies Charles buried 1859,1873
Davies Dai buried 1983
Davies Daniel buried 1928
Davies David buried 1847,1851,1855,1884,1885,1903
Davies David buried 1914(2),1945
Davies David Price buried 1905
Davies Eleanor buried 1900,1913,1926,1939
Davies Elizabeth buried 1871,1907,1916,1924,1967,1989
Davies Ellen buried 1936
Davies Ellen Lewis buried 1910
Davies Evan buried 1859,1860,1866,1894
Davies Gwen buried 1853
Davies Gwenllian buried 1889
Davies Hannah buried 1860,1905,1938,1942
Davies Jacob buried 1875
Davies James buried 1878,1950
Davies Jane buried 1852,1872,1881,1904,1922
Davies John buried 1872,1877,1886,1896,1932,1959,1975
Davies John Jenkin buried 1930
Davies Margaret buried 1860,1891,1900,1940
Davies Martha buried 1894
Davies Mary buried 1857,1859,1865,1874,1899,1934,1944
Davies Mary buried 1978
Davies Mary Anne buried 1941
Davies Mary Emma buried 1943,1971
Davies Rachel buried 1880,1881,1900,1911,1964
Davies Rees buried 1904
Davies Richard buried 1866
Davies Sarah buried 1848,1855,1914,1915,1947
Davies Sarah Ann buried 1968
Davies Sarah Helen buried 1972
Davies Thomas buried 1851
Davies Thomas Ivor buried 1893
Davies Timothy buried 1852,1863,1865,1876,1880
Davies Watkin buried 1924,1925,1930
Davies William buried 1855,1881,1885(2),1905,1910,1927
Davies William buried 1932,1935
Edwards Anne buried 1850
Edwards Anthony buried 1849
Edwards Isaac buried 1870
Edwards Thomas buried 1864
Evans Ann buried 1851
Evans Anthony E. buried 1892
Evans David buried 1917
Evans Elizabeth buried 1851,1924
Evans Joseph buried 1924
Evans Mary buried 1912,1935
Evans Rachel buried 1940
Evans Sarah buried 1944
Evans Timothy buried 1883
Griffiths Anne buried 1883
Griffiths David James buried 1955
Griffiths Elizabeth buried 1918
Griffiths John buried 1947
Griffiths Sarah Helen buried 1965
Griffiths Thomas buried 1905
Harries Hannah buried 1859
Howells Annie buried 1990
Howells David Garry buried 1967
Hughes Anne buried 1945
Hughes David buried 1860
Hughes Eleanor buried 1912
Hughes John buried 1853
Hughes Thomas buried 1927
James Elizabeth buried 1872
Jonathan Ann buried 1881
Jonathan Daniel buried 1887
Jonathan David buried 1881
Jones Anne buried 1925
Jones Annie buried 1901
Jones Benjamin buried 1894
Jones Bryn buried 1985
Jones David buried 1856,1871,1897,1963
Jones David L. buried 1950
Jones Denis Gethin buried 1988
Jones Dewi buried 1988
Jones Dinah buried 1968
Jones Edwin buried 1930
Jones Elizabeth buried 1869(2),1874,1913,1923,1930,1951
Jones Elizabeth buried 1975
Jones Evan buried 1872(2),1883,1934
Jones Evan Walter buried 1919
Jones James buried 1861
Jones Jane buried 1902
Jones Jenetta buried 1964
Jones Jenny buried 1944
Jones John buried 1869,1879,1909,1968
Jones John Walter buried 1902
Jones Joseph buried 1916
Jones Llewelyn buried 1984
Jones Margaret buried 1856
Jones Margaretta buried 1915
Jones Martha buried 1967
Jones Mary buried 1863,1872,1882,1884,1896,1903,1907
Jones Mary buried 1934,1938,1941,1962
Jones Mary Anne buried 1931
Jones Morgan buried 1912,1934
Jones Rees buried 1860
Jones Sarah buried 1860,1883,1892
Jones Thomas buried 1931,1958
Jones Thomas Charles buried 1924
Jones Timothy buried 1852,1943
Jones Tom buried 1968
Jones Watkin buried 1871
Jones William David buried 1963
Llewelyn David Owen buried 1971
Llewelyn Elizabeth Kathleen buried 1996
Morgan Haf buried 1987
Morgan John Rees buried 1982
Morgan Ray buried 1979
O'Connell Thomas buried 1869
Rees Benjamin buried 1924
Rees Mary buried 1891
Richards Mary buried 1869
Thomas Aaron buried 1866
Thomas Anne buried 1900,1945
Thomas Gwenllian buried 1956
Thomas John buried 1884
Thomas John David buried 1956
Thomas Mary buried 1866
Thomas Thomas buried 1910
Thomas William buried 1922
Williams Gwenllian buried 1905
Williams Ivor Douglas buried 1989
Williams James buried 1980
Williams Lizzie buried 1982
Williams Thomas buried 1879
This chapel, in the village of Cellan, has a long history stretching back to the days of Oliver Cromwell and the persecutions of 1654. A detailed history was written by the Rev. Oswald Williams. One of the outbuildings of the present Caeronnen Farm was probably used as a meeting place around 1685. The congregation became Unitarian in the middle of the nineteenth century after much controversy in the area and the building of the nearby Congregational chapel, Capel yr Erw, in the village at the beginning of the century.
The present chapel is small and compact with a small gallery and a cemetery. In the cemetery is the grave of Sali Davies, a Deputy Headmistress at the school in Lampeter, who refused to receive her State Pension because the forms were not available in Welsh. The old schoolroom used to be on the upper floor of the house which stands next to the present chapel. (Unitarian Historical Society)

Capel yr Erw(Independent) 1811-r1833

Address: Erw

OS Grid Ref: SN603488

Baptisms , Marriages , Burials , Monumental Inscriptions CMN RO

Barret Jane buried 1948
Boxall Martha Jane buried 1982
Boxall Richard buried 1975
Cooper Catherine buried 1964
Cooper Leonard buried 1965
Davies Anne buried 1932,1940,1949
Davies Catherine buried 1973
Davies Dan buried 1897
Davies Daniel Oliver buried 1900
Davies David buried 1882,1895,1906,1912,1940,1942,1950
Davies David Oliver buried 1929
Davies Edith buried 1995
Davies Eleanor buried 1929
Davies Elizabeth buried 1896,1899,1901,1909,1936
Davies Elizabeth Ann buried 1969
Davies Elizabeth Mary buried 1982
Davies Enoch buried 1931
Davies Enoch J buried 1964
Davies Evan buried 1912,1943,1962
Davies Evan Alfred buried 1968
Davies Evan Andrew buried 1922,1956
Davies Gwenifred buried 1934
Davies Isaac buried 1952
Davies James buried 1934,1962
Davies James Wilfred buried 1982
Davies Jane buried 1897,1949
Davies Jennie buried 1972
Davies John buried 1877,1933
Davies John Elias buried 1921
Davies John Griffith buried 1962
Davies Jonathan buried 1936
Davies Joseph buried 1897,1901
Davies Joseph Douglas buried 1984
Davies Margaret buried 1902,1913,1916,1917,1933,1991
Davies Margaret Anne buried 1910
Davies Margaret Eleanor buried 1983
Davies Margaret Jane buried 1943
Davies Martha Ann buried 1935
Davies Mary buried 1909,1916,1957
Davies Mary Jane buried 1893
Davies Nellie buried 1910
Davies Rachel buried 1903,1926
Davies Rachel Anne buried 1980
Davies Sarah buried 1891,1910,1917,1919
Davies Sarah Agnes buried 1951
Davies Thomas buried 1901,1935,1964
Davies Timothy buried 1912
Davies Tom buried 1944
Davies Tommy buried 1953
Davies William buried 1958
Edwards David Daniel buried 1953
Edwards Evan buried 1886
Edwards Margaret buried 1964
Edwards Mary buried 1894
Evans Anne buried 1896,1909(2),1922
Evans Daniel buried 1945
Evans David buried 1896,1918,1958
Evans David Harold buried 1954
Evans David Hughes buried 1941
Evans Eddie buried 1968
Evans Eleanor buried 1929
Evans Elizabeth buried 1926,1945
Evans Evan buried 1885,1943
Evans Evan Griffith buried 1964
Evans Gwenllian buried 1979
Evans Hannah buried 1965
Evans Harriet buried 1956
Evans James buried 1898
Evans Janet buried 1970
Evans John buried 1922(2),1973
Evans John William buried 1945
Evans Magdalen May buried 1899
Evans Margaret buried 1957,1970
Evans Martha buried 1887
Evans Mary buried 1902,1915,1918,1934,1942,1946
Evans Mary Ellen buried 1909
Evans Morgan buried 1940
Evans Rachel buried 1946
Evans Thomas buried 1894,1905,1953
Evans Thomas John buried 1932,1965
Evans Tom buried 1925
Evans Walter buried 1959
Evans William Henry buried 1969
Evans William John buried 1918
Griffiths David Llewelyn buried 1961
Griffiths Evan buried 1890
Griffiths Jane buried 1949
Griffiths Margaret Anne buried 1970
James David buried 1905,1940
James Mary buried 1940
Jenkins David buried 1951
Jenkins Dorothy buried 1877
Jenkins Elizabeth buried 1922,1930
Jenkins Esther buried 1954
Jenkins Hannah Mabel buried 1918
Jenkins John buried 1905,1916
Jenkins Mary buried 1895
Jones Amelia buried 1936
Jones Ann buried 1907,1928
Jones Anne buried 1920,1922
Jones Annie buried 1981
Jones Benjamin buried 1959
Jones Catherine buried 1952
Jones David buried 1874,1883,1896,1903,1941
Jones David Watkin buried 1955
Jones Eleanor buried 1899,1934
Jones Eliza Caroline buried 1980
Jones Elizabeth buried 1916,1925,1940,1963,1982
Jones Elizabeth Elaine Jenniferburied 1951
Jones Elizabeth Gwladys buried 1983
Jones Evan buried 1902
Jones Evan Gilbert buried 1959
Jones Fred J buried 1899
Jones Harriet buried 1913,1921
Jones Isaac buried 1922
Jones Jacob buried 1921
Jones James buried 1941,1983
Jones Jane buried 1893,1910,1911,1975
Jones John buried 1919,1920,1922,1938,1986
Jones John Alun Osmond buried 1963
Jones John Lewis buried 1955
Jones John Williams buried 1971
Jones Joseph buried 1966
Jones Joseph Alun buried 1975
Jones Leonora Arabella buried 1957
Jones Margaret buried 1944
Jones Margaret Ellen buried 1968
Jones Margaret Jane buried 1966
Jones Maria buried 1909
Jones Mary buried 1886,1927,1963
Jones Mary Anne buried 1918,1958
Jones Sarah buried 1921
Jones Simon Neil buried 1986
Jones Thomas buried 1885,1921,1938,1953
Jones Timothy Andrew buried 1983
Jones Tom buried 1969
Jones Tommy Aeron buried 1974
Jones Walter buried 1924
Jones William buried 1982
Lewis Catherine Jane buried 1906
Lewis Daniel Lloyd buried 1935
Lewis John buried 1951
Lloyd Anne buried 1939
Lloyd David buried 1943
Lloyd Elizabeth Anne buried 1949
Lloyd Evan buried 1920
Lloyd Maggie Alice buried 1942
Lloyd Margaret buried 1906
Lloyd Richard buried 1949
Morgan Elizabeth buried 1931
Pacey Sarah Jane Rhiannon buried 1992
Pacey Thomas buried 1994
Parry Gwenny May buried 1961
Price Mary buried 1906
Pugh Deborah Mary buried 1935
Rees Margaret buried 1916,1934
Thomas Daniel buried 1883
Thomas Margaret buried 1887
Thomas Mary buried 1909
Thomas Rachel buried 1937
Thomas Rev. Thomas buried 1892
Williams Anne buried 1945
Williams Annie Mary buried 1987
Williams Arthur Gwyn buried 1961
Williams D J buried 1904
Williams David buried 1966
Williams David John buried 1988
Williams Elizabeth buried 1876
Williams Elizabeth Elin buried 1979
Williams Griffith John buried 1963
Williams Gwenllian buried 1963
Williams John buried 1876,1885,1931,1957,1971
Williams Margaret buried 1987
Williams Maria buried 1962
Williams Mary buried 1874,1955,1993
Williams Mary Anne buried 1952
Williams Mathew buried 1870
Williams Morgan buried 1909
Williams Rachel Mary buried 1995
Williams Rev. D J buried 1953
Williams Sarah Anne buried 1969
Williams Thomas buried 1957
Williams Tom buried 1915
Williams Tommy buried 1993
Williams William buried 1959

Esgairdawe & Ffaldybrenin (?)

OS Grid Ref: SN600400

Baptisms 1770-1912 DFHS , Marriages , Burials , Monumental Inscriptions


National/Board/Council School 1845-r1899

OS Grid Ref: SN612492

Opened 1845 - status r1899
Age range -
School logbooks 1869-1976, CGN RO Admission Register 1897-1975, CGN RO Attendance Register 1969-1975, CGN RO Examination Results , Published History ,


Tangaer Fawr farm

OS Grid Ref: SN61?48?

No additional information is available


No information available

War Memorials

No information available

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